7-Eleven Suing Two Locations For Trademark Infringement

Eleven-7 Food Mark and Z-Eleven allegedly use logos meant to “deceive customers” into thinking they’re associated with the 7-Eleven brand.

7-Eleven is suing Eleven-7 Food Mart on Coney Island Ave. and Z-Eleven deli on Henry St., in New York, seeking to remove the signage, which is similar to 7-Eleven branding.

According to New York Daily News, lawyers for Dallas-based 7-Eleven allege these locations are intentionally looking to “deceive consumers” into thinking the stores are connected or associated with 7-Eleven. The logos reportedly include a similar color-scheme to 7-Eleven of orange, green, white and a red horizontal bar—all trademarked. 7-Eleven representatives delivered cease-and desist letters and settlement proposals to the two stores on June 28 with no response. The suits, filed Monday in Brooklyn Federal Court are asking for immediate removal of the signs and unspecified monetary damages.




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