Trends Emerge at the 2016 Summer Fancy Foods Show

summer fancy food showTea trumps coffee in the Hot Beverage category, but that isn’t the only surprising trend that cropped up at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show.

This year’s Summer Fancy Food Show, which was hosted by the Specialty Food Association from June 26-28, boasted a record turnout this year. At the event, which was the largest to date, a number of trends emerged.

According to a new report from BizBash, the following lists marks the top trends of the 62nd Annual Summer Fancy Food Show, based on the winners and finalists of the 44th Annual Sofi Awards, which go to products and companies in the specialty food industry.

  1. Gluten-Free and Non-G.M.O.

The BizBash article reported that vegan and gluten-free products are now popular enough to have their own Sofi Awards category. However, Non-G.M.O. products are gaining popularity in other categories, as the winner in the Condiment category was a non-G.M.O. salted caramelized fig spread from King’s Cupboard.

  1. Unusual Flavors

A number of unusual flavor combinations were named the best in their own categories. For example, ginger hemp granola from Michele’s Granola was named the best in the Bread, Muffin, Granola, and Cereal category, and among other categories some finalists were licorice mint tea, chili lime tequila tortilla brittle, goat’s milk caramel sauce, chocolate chili crunch bar and carrot cake jam.

  1. Tea

Tea and hot chocolate beat out coffee as top products in the Hot Beverages category.

  1. Coconut

A number of products featuring coconut as a flavor or an ingredient were among the winners and finalists in numerous categories at this year’s show.

  1. Alcohol and Alcoholic Flavors

Despite a number of alternatives being offered at the show, alcohol-based drinks were considered the best in the Cold Beverage category.


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