Energy-Efficient Lighting

GEProviding similar durability and uniform illuminance as its first-generation model, GE’s new Evolve LED Canopy Light is engineered with a sleek, new look that offers easy installation and expanded lumen levels for a variety of mounting heights.The Evolve LED Canopy ECBA Light Fixture provides an energy-efficient and robust means for lighting areas with canopies. Offered at three lumen levels—4,000, 8,000 and 13,500—and 4000K and 5000K color temperatures, it allows users to find the best LED lighting solution for their outdoor space. The Evolve LED Canopy Light Fixture is designed for effortless installation, making it ideal for retrofits. Compared with metal halide canopy lighting, the GE Evolve LED Canopy Light provides significant energy savings. Furthermore, the product has a lumen maintenance rating of L95 at 60,000 hours, enabling this LED lighting fixture to significantly reduce maintenance costs and needs. The new Evolve LED Canopy Light is available with occupancy sensing and dimming options.

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