Survey Reveals Shopping Habits Of Working Women

impactSome 46% of surveyed women reported regularly purchasing groceries on their way to or from the office or during a lunch break.

One trip to the grocery store is never enough. WorkPlace Impact, a marketing company that targets consumers directly at work, found in a recent survey that working women are making frequent trips to grocery stores in personal time that bumps up right against the workday.

According to the survey, 49% of working female consumers are making millions of trips between Monday and Friday. What’s more, 46% of the women that WorkPlace Impact surveyed reported that they regularly purchase groceries on their way to or from the office or during a lunch break.

Given these insights, WorkPlace Impact concluded that consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies that want working women to purchase their products should target these consumers closest to the time and the place they are making those purchasing decisions—at work.

Further affirming that working women often have groceries on their mind during the workday, the study also found that 84.4% of the women surveyed said they regularly or occasionally add items to their grocery shopping lists at work.

“We’re finding an increasing blending of work and personal lives among working consumers. We weren’t surprised to learn that working women are so frequently making grocery shopping decisions during the workday,” said Tara Peters, director of marketing of WorkPlace Impact. “WorkPlace Impact’s ability to put marketing messages into the hands of working women in the workplace distinguishes us as a particularly effective marketer to CPG and grocery retail brands.”

Their findings are gathered in “From Planning to Purchase: The Shopping Patterns of Working Women,” which surveyed 1,340 American working female consumers.


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