VP Sponsoring AMA Pro HillClimb

VP RacingNamed official fuel and title sponsor for the 2014 season.

VP Racing Fuels has signed on as Official Fuel and Title Sponsor of the VP Racing Fuels AMA Pro Hillclimb series for the 2014 season.

With the agreement, VP has been designated the exclusive trackside fuel supplier at each event. VP will make a substantial contribution to the points fund for the Expert class and will award a five-gallon pail of VP fuel to each of the top three riders in the Pro Sport class at the end of the season.

As part of its trackside service, VP has fuel available for sale on site including U4.4 and VP NitroRace for nitromethane-fueled applications, along with other fuels on request.

Requests for VP’s specialty fuels should be submitted to Amanda Campbell at 304-541-6610 or amaprohc@hotmail.com two weeks prior to the event where the fuels are needed.

“We are very excited to be able to recognize VP Racing Fuels as the Official Fuel and Title Sponsor of the Series,” said Amanda Campbell, an official for AMA Pro Hillclimb. “This sport is so different from other types of motorcycle racing and it has gone without a Title Sponsor for several years. The addition of a company like VP Racing Fuels is taking the Series in the direction it deserves to be moving. This partnership provides opportunities to grow the VP Racing Fuels AMA Pro Hillclimb Series and something to build on for the future.”

“Given the unique demands of AMA Pro Hillclimb, it provides the perfect showcase for VP’s race fuels and other products,” said Bruce Hendel, VP’s director-consumer product sales. “VP is known for ‘Makin’ Power’ and nowhere are power and throttle response more critical to success than in AMA Pro Hillclimb. We look forward to supporting the series and its riders as well as introducing everyone to our new product lines including VP Small Engine Fuel and VP Madditive performance chemicals.”



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