Buc-ee’s Eying Another Enormous Store

bucees-logoPlans call for a 60,000-square-foot convenience store, which has become a normal model for the expanding Texas chain.

By David Bennett, Senior Editor

They say everything is bigger Texas, and Buc-ee’s Ltd proves it with every new convenience store it builds.

Its newest location is in the works in Corinth, Texas, after that city’s planning and zoning commission on July 28 authorized a zoning change that will allow the Lake Jackson, Texas-based retailer to go ahead with the design. Plans call for a 60,000-square-foot convenience store—at least 10 times the size of area c-stores—with a parking lot for more than 400 vehicles.

Corinth city council must also approve the development plan.

The “mega travel center” would be built on about 20 acres at the corner of the I35E and South Corinth Street. The Texas-sized 96 gas pumps and 31 cash registers.

Jeff Nadalo, Buc-ee’s general counsel, earlier this year told the Fort Worth-Star Telegram that interested in developing its footprint in the North Texas region.

With 29 stores in the central and Gulf Coast regions of Texas, Buc-ee’s is close to beginning construction on the store later this year.

Buc-ee’s prides itself on the cleanliness of its restrooms and the grand scale of its product offerings and customer service.

Touted as having the cleanest bathrooms in the business, Buc-ee’s offers everything from Texas-shaped waffle irons to fishing tackle to a bevy of food and snacks.

Once fully operational, the 24- hour c-store will employ between 150 and 225 people.

Founders Arch “Beaver” Aplin III and Don Wasek opened their first store in Lake Jackson in 1982.



  1. NO Corinth Buc-ees says:

    A Mega Travel Center with 96 gas pumps and a 60,000 square foot
    convenience store is not the right fit for this area. The proposed site
    is at S Corinth St and 35 in Corinth Texas, up against an adjacent
    neighborhood. There are already numerous wrecks each week between Post
    Oak and Swisher as it is and with the 35 expansion which will take 3
    years to complete, it will get much worse once you throw in the fact
    that Buc-ee’s wants to start building their monstrous “Travel Center”
    later this year. Just how does one travel through the City of Corinth,
    which is a small town sandwiched between Denton and Lewisville with less
    than 8 square miles total area? Buc-ee’s has a cult following, that
    being said, people from a 300 mile radius will make the drive to our
    small town- and contrary to what some of the people that are FOR
    Buc-ee’s think, This will HEAVILY impact the traffic for EVERYONE from
    Loop 288 to the Lake Lewisville bridge and beyond, NOT just the people
    unfortunate enough to live in the neighborhood next to the proposed site
    and if The City Council approves this venture, even the enthusiasts
    wearing their “rose-colored glasses” will someday soon curse the ground
    that this “Tourist Attraction” is built upon, once they experience the
    terrible gridlock on our local highway more than once. I am not against
    a Buc-ee’s Travel Center, IF it is built in the right location- Like
    other “Travel Centers”, which is out in the middle of nothing- NOT in an
    area where there is no place to grow. Buc-ee’s needs to be an “anchor
    business” somewhere that has ample space to accommodate the huge influx
    of traffic. Corinth does NOT have such space, although there IS land
    for sale on the other side of the highway that has more frontage road
    and is NOT along side a subdivision, so why would they not build there
    instead? The mayor and some of the City Council members are far more
    concerned with erecting developments to allure other people to come
    spend their money- but are NOT concerned with bring in establishments
    where area citizens could enjoy family entertainment without having to
    go to Lewisville or further south for entertainment- Why not build a
    Main Event, Braum’s, Sprouts, Cheddar’s Restaurant? These are places
    our towns people would actually enjoy going to and to spend some quality
    time with their families. On a quick side note, The City of Corinth
    approved a deal to sell off land on Swisher near the Lake Dallas High
    School to a Chinese Development company that plans to build an exclusive
    neighborhood for Chinese Immigrants, which will have homes in the 2
    Million dollar price range, which would effectively exclude area
    residents from land use in their own neighborhood. How is that
    fostering a sense of community? They never care what the Corinth
    residents have to say or what kind of things we would like our tax
    dollars spent on. …Back to Buc-ee’s: For those that think having a
    Buc-ee’s here will keep our taxes down, think again, only 1/3 of our
    property taxes go to Corinth, the rest goes to Denton ISD, which Lake
    Dallas ISD is NOT part of, and to Denton County. What tax incentives
    are the City of Corinth providing to Buc-ee’s? How long will those
    abatements be provided? How much of the increased tax revenue will be
    used by the extra support the city will provide? How is 150 part time
    jobs that average 12.00/hour going to have a great positive impact on
    our community? At 12.00/hour, not many people can survive off those
    wages- These jobs will be temporary jobs for high school and college
    aged kids- There are no career opportunities. Search Buc-ee’s Glassdoor
    and read the employee reviews- they rate employment satisfaction at 2.4
    out of 5 stars. Employee comments: 1) Must have Dr note if you call in
    sick or you will be fired. 2) Medical benefits are not offered. 3)
    “Micro Management”. 4) You only get one 5 to 10 minute break for your
    ENTIRE shift and there is no break room and no where to sit. 5)
    Management is never on the same page. 6) Zero tolerance for tardiness,
    you get written up if you are 1 minute late, no matter what the reason.
    7) Low morale. 8) Employees are told “You are not paid to think”. 9)
    Employees are not allowed to associate with anyone in a “white shirt”
    outside of work and cannot contact them to wish them “Get well” if
    management is sick or gets hurt. 10) Store cameras are used more to
    watch employees. Only 21% recommend working at Buc-ee’s and only 33%
    approve of the CEO. Buc-ee’s will consume a massive amount of water to
    flush their 90 or so toilets and keep them clean. All of the huge
    “flagship stores” are in the middle of nothing. There are a couple
    locations that are between 7,000 and 20,000 sq ft that are considered to
    be built “in town”- So WHY do they want to build one of their largest
    Travel Centers in an area that is so small with all the problems that
    will cause? It is time for The City of Corinth to actually start
    listening to the residents, the ones who pay the taxes, that in turn,
    pay THEIR SALARIES and push this to a citizen vote. At no time did the
    City of Corinth ever poll our citizens and ask for suggestions for what
    kind of commerce we would like to see here, they are here to serve US,
    but they only do as THEY want. It is time for citizens to make a stand
    and tell our city government that we want a say in what goes on in our
    own backyard- PUSH THIS TO A CITIZEN VOTE!

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