Grab-And-Go Meals

Nature Made Snack Packs 7.8.14 (2)Del Monte Fresh Produce N. A. Inc.  is expanding its extensive fresh cut fruit and vegetable product offerings to include complete meal-single serve salad bowls and fresh fruit & protein snack packs under the Nature Made brand. The new products coincide with the expansion of operating facilities and production lines in Dallas and will also include new bagged single serve Del Monte fresh cut fruit and vegetables. The salad bowl range, made with Del Monte fresh fruits and vegetables, will include the Nature Made Caesar Salad with White Chicken and Nature Made Turkey and Bacon Cobb Salad among others. The new snack pack product range will include fresh fruit and protein combinations, such as Nature Made Turkey and Swiss Snack Pack that includes red grapes, red apple slices, turkey slices, Swiss cheese, and crackers. It will also offer the Nature Made Turkey Sausage Links & Pancakes Pack that includes grapes, buttermilk pancakes, apples, turkey breakfast sausage, and syrup, perfect for the on-the-go breakfast consumer.

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