Gluten-Free Granola

NanasNolaNana’s Nola introduces grab-and-go gluten-free granola, offering consumers and Celiac’s a healthy snack that packs a powerhouse of multiple organic whole grains, all natural organic sweeteners, and two grams of both protein and fiber. Nana’s Nola contains no soy, artificial additives or preservatives. Nana’s Nola is off to a roaring start as bags of Nana’s Nola will soon be hitting the shelves in 80 Mirabito Convenience Stores located in the southern tier in New York state and throughout Pennsylvania. Nana’s Nola’s crunchy granola snack bites are available in two-ounce grab-and-go bags that can be easily enjoyed while driving, thrown into backpacks, lunch boxes or travel bags.

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