Paychex Brings On-the-Go Accounting To Small Businesses

paychexLaunches Accounting Online iPhone App.

Paychex Inc., a provider of payroll, human resource, insurance, and benefits outsourcing solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses, announced the launch of its Paychex Accounting Online mobile application for iPhone.

The Universal iOS app allows users to access their Paychex Accounting Online account from their iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch to keep track of their business finances anywhere and anytime.

“With the Paychex Accounting Online platform, we’re making accounting more accessible to smaller businesses with a simple, easy-to-use, cloud-based system that today’s small business owners can successfully use without any specialized accounting knowledge,” said Michael Gioja, Paychex senior vice president, IT, product management, and development. “The addition of the new mobile app makes it even easier for business owners and their accounting partners to access all of their vital business information in the palm of their hand, along with the ability to record expenses and income as they happen.”

With Paychex Accounting Online and the new iPhone app, small business owners can spend less time crunching numbers, and more time doing what they do best— concentrating on their business. Paychex Accounting Online allows business owners to:

• Access finances anywhere, anytime—View important financial reports directly from a mobile device for instant insight into the health of the business.

•  Scrap paper receipts—Capture business expenses as they happen by taking a photo of the receipt with an iPhone for safe and secure storage in the cloud.

• Easily collaborate—Give accountants and business partners access to Paychex Accounting Online for true online collaboration.

• Manage bookkeeping with ease—Quickly access and enter data through a simple dashboard for quick and easy bookkeeping that doesn’t require accounting experience.

The Paychex Accounting Online mobile application is available to registered subscribers of Paychex Accounting Online for download, at no cost, from the Apple App Store.



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