FDA Offers Training Video On Tobacco Sales

Video to help retailers with vending machines or self-service displays comply with laws.

FDA has released a new compliance training video for tobacco retailers pertaining to impersonal modes of tobacco sales, such as vending machines or self-service displays. The video explains the restrictions associated with impersonal modes of sale of regulated tobacco products and will include possible ways for retailers to comply with federal laws.

Retailers must sell regulated tobacco in a direct, face-to-face exchange, unless the tobacco products are being sold in a location where no minors are present or permitted to enter at any time. It becomes easier for minors to access tobacco products if they are available via self-service displays and vending machines, but FDA regulations are designed to keep tobacco out of the hands of kids.

Watch the video to learn more about rules related to impersonal modes of tobacco sales and visit the Retailer Training and Enforcement webpage for more compliance information.



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