QuikTrip Opens 700th C-Store

QuikTriplogoPlans to roll out QT Kitchens to most stores across the country.

Tulsa, Okla.-based QuikTrip Corp. opened its 700th store on Thursday, June 26, in St. Louis, the Tulsa World reported.

The milestone marks the fastest expansion in the history of the convenience chain, which has opened 100 stores in the last two years alone.

“The new growth is absolutely phenomenal in its own right. However, when you include the relocation of existing stores, rebuilds on existing locations, and the remodeling for our full service fresh food offer, QuikTrip employees have performed absolutely herculean feats,” Chet Cadieux, president and CEO of QuikTrip Corp., told the Tulsa World.

QuikTrip also hit another milestone when it opened its 50th store in the Carolinas last week with the addition of a site in Charlotte, N.C.

QuikTrip’s fresh food offerings have helped accelerated much of the chain’s growth.

Mike Thornbrugh, manager of public and government affairs for QuikTrip Corp. noted that QuikTrip will continue building stores, but probably not at the same rapid pace it has for the last couple of years. For the remainder of 2014, QuikTrip is actually focused on internal growth, with the goal of introducing full-service QT Kitchens in most of its stores across the country by the end of 2014. The kitchens offer made-to-order food and drinks 6 a.m.-10 p.m. daily.


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