Parker’s Drive-Through Open For Business

Brampton Ave OUTSIDE with New Drive ThurNew Statesboro, Ga. store opens and in celebration, Parker’s offers a 10 cents per gallon discount on all fuel types across Statesboro.

Parker’s new store in Statesboro, Ga. at 1588 Brampton Ave. opened, June 25, marking the company’s 36th store in the Georgia and South Carolina area.

The modern convenience and fuel store features Parker’s new drive-through service for selection of the majority of the products in the store. This is a new concept for Parker’s, and is the first in the region for convenience stores, according to Brandon Hofmann, Parker’s chief marketing officer. Hofmann oversees in-store design, signage, aesthetics, product selection, merchandising and product placement in all of the company’s convenience stores and gourmet markets.

“It’s a beautiful store, with a great Parker’s team there led by our seasoned store manager, Jessica Teegarden, said Greg Parker, president and CEO of The Parker Cos.   “We’re excited to be opening our fourth store in the City of Statesboro in the growing Bulloch County area.”

“We’re opening with an immediate 10 cents per gallon discount on all fuel types across Statesboro,” said Parker, “at our three Statesboro stores which offer our Parker’s PumpPal Card program. Our PumpPal debit card provides consumers with discounts through the elimination of credit card processing fees.” There are now almost 83,000 PumpPalCards registered in the area since the program was launched; Parker’s customers have saved almost $4 million as of June 2014, according to Parker.

The almost $3 million store on Brampton Avenue offers wide-open aisles; a 24-valve fountain for soft drinks with Chewy Ice; 12 fueling positions; attractive landscaping; and the beautiful tile bathrooms that are a Parker’s trademark and a favorite of Mom’s and families. It also feature Parker’s signature gourmet coffee bar with a selection of fresh milk and creamers, fresh-brewed sweet tea, ice cold lemonade and frozen yogurt.

For fuel customers, in addition to Parker’s standard line of regular, mid-grade and premium fuels which include 10% ethanol, the new store also offers diesel fuel and non-ethanol fuel—a favorite of boat owners.

“Non-ethanol fuel increases the efficiency of boat motors and extends motor life,” according to Amy Lane, Parker’s chief operating officer. The store parking lot design will provide marine customers towing boats with easy in and out access, she added.

For the company’s adult customers, the store features Parker’s well-known ‘Beer Cave’ which offers a wide-selection of domestic and imported beers kept at 28 degrees; and an extensive line of e-cigarettes. Parker’s also guarantees its adult customers interested in tobacco products “the absolute lowest cigarette carton prices,” in the area, according to Hofmann.

An official ribbon-cutting for the new store will be held Thursday, July 10 at 10:30 a.m. to welcome local officials and the public, hosted by the Statesboro-Bulloch Chamber of Commerce. Parker’s is a proud member of the Chamber.





  1. Siobhan Flanagan says:

    Golden Gallon in Chattanooga TN had drive in stores for decades, but they were phased out in the 1980’s for some reason. Not sure why. I was wanting to open drive through stores in the same area, but dang it, Parker’s beat me to it. I guess I have to stay in medicine.

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