Logic Continues Aggressive Growth

LOGICMoves toward No. 1 position in total U.S. dollar and unit shares.

LOGIC Technology, makers of premium electronic cigarettes, announced the latest results from Nielsen’s C-Track Database. All figures from the report continue to indicate that of the top three brands in the space, LOGIC is the only company that has experienced significant growth in both total U.S. dollar and unit shares in convenience stores nationwide.

LOGIC holds the No. 2 rank for dollar and unit share nationally. Currently, LOGIC commands 27.4% of the category in total U.S. unit share nationwide, growing from 26.5% last month. In total U.S. dollar share, LOGIC has increased to 25.5%, growing from 24.3% in May. Furthermore, these numbers reflect a year-over-year unit growth of 206.8%. Additionally, this report combined with Nielsen’s eXtended All Outlet Coverage (xAOC) report demonstrates that LOGIC is the single most established e-cig company to experience growth across all channels. The data presented by Nielsen represents LOGIC’s continued momentum as it rapidly approaches the No. 1 position within the electronic cigarette category in the U.S.

“We are excited by the results of the latest Nielsen Brand Rank report highlighting LOGIC’s steady growth in this burgeoning industry,” said Miguel Martin, president of LOGIC Technology. “Our loyal adult customers continue to recognize the premium quality our products, which combined with our high margins for trade partners, further advances LOGIC towards the No. 1 position.”





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