Turkey Burgers

Three Philosophers SliderButterball Foodservice has developed a full line of delicious turkey burgers that are easily customizable to fit a wide variety of flavor profiles and patron taste preferences. Butterball makes it easier than ever to add innovative burgers to your menu by offering: · All American Grill Turkey Burger—This traditional American burger is all dark meat with a classic grilled flavor. · Savory White Turkey Burger—A perfect choice for health-conscious diners, this burger is made from top-grade all white meat. · All Natural Turkey Thigh Burger—Made from 100% thigh meat, this is Butterball’s most premium burger. · Mediterranean Turkey Burger—This flavorful burger is made from all white meat and lightly seasoned with garlic and pepper. In addition, Butterball Ground Turkey can serve as the foundation for chefs to create their own signature burgers. For a unique twist, combine ground turkey with ground beef to create a healthier, more cost-effective alternative to the standard burger.

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