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Sausage_Gravy_BiscuitJohnsonville has introduced its new Sausage & Gravy Stuffed Biscuits for grab-n-go foodservice venues. These hand-held sandwiches are perfect for breakfast and snacking, creating more menu opportunity for convenience stores. Sausage & Gravy Stuffed Biscuits are well suited to provide early and late afternoon sales boosts because they fit into peak snack times. With nearly two-thirds of consumers saying they get their snacks at c-stores, Johnsonville has placed emphasis on developing this snack to match up well with the demands of these consumers. The new hand-held biscuits have a flaky buttermilk crust with Johnsonville sausage and just the right amount of gravy stuffed inside for that traditional feel-good combination.  Individually packaged, Johnsonville’s biscuits are ready to heat from the refrigerator, taking only 50 seconds in the microwave.  The biscuit maintains its tender texture for up to four-hours in the warmer. They are frozen for storage convenience, and available four-pounds to a case.


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