Car Wash & Polish

ZacarNOhand_Minqq copyZacar LLC, a maker of products of outstanding quality, has announced the introduction of its new “Brilliant Car Wash & Polish,” a convenient, inexpensive, single-use product that brings professional quality clean-and-shine to the marketplace. Made in the USA, with attractive, unique and attention-getting packaging, Brilliant Car Wash & Polish enables consumers to wash and polish their cars with a “million-dollar-shine” for just $1. The new single-use product contains a proprietary formulation that was developed specifically to cut grease from industrial gears and machinery and leave them sparkling clean, day after day. Car aficionados will marvel at how this one-ounce car-wash formula, with a retail price tag of just $1, can make their cars’ exterior bodies, windows, tires and rims shine like new—and wonder how the shine lasts so long. What’s more, Brilliant’s colorful package and creative design will attract customers to the shelf.

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