Reduce Energy Consumption

FridgeWize_QBlade_Detail1FridgeWize, a provider of energy-efficient commercial refrigeration solutions, has announced the launch of the Q12 and Q10 evaporator motor fan blades, enabling enterprise clients with refrigeration units to save money on their utility bills. A dramatic improvement from aluminum and plastic blades commonly used in refrigeration systems, the carbon fiber Q12 and Q10 evaporator motor fan blades are engineered to significantly reduce energy consumption. When installed in conjunction with the FridgeWize EC evaporator fan motor, the combination sets new industry standards in energy-efficiency worldwide. FridgeWize Q12 and Q10 Evaporator Motor Fan Blades are 935% stronger than aluminum blades; teardrop shape and thin, lightweight design that maximizes efficiency; made from carbon fiber composite to always maintain shape; cannot rust to motor shaft, preserving equipment; and have a payback period of less than two years and include a 10-year warranty.

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