New Condom Designs

lifestylesAnsell, the makers of LifeStyles Condoms has released two new condoms: THINZ Extreme and EverLast Intense, in addition to a re-brand for KYNG Large. The KYNG Large condom is designed for the man who needs a larger condom than the standard size. THINZ Extreme is a breakthrough in sensitivity. The new THINZ Extreme is 21% thinner than LifeStyles’ standard latex condoms and is the only thin condom on the market with extra lubricant added. Finally, the new EverLast Intense condoms were created to stimulate the most sensitive areas for maximum pleasure, featuring 420 intensely stimulating studs strategically placed along the condom. The latest advancement in textured condoms, EverLast Intense has extreme-raised studs that are 25% larger in diameter and 100% deeper than traditional studded condoms.

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