Ryko Acquiring National Carwash Solutions

ryko logoCombined expertise strengthens comprehensive carwash program.

Ryko Solutions Inc., the largest provider of managed car wash systems in North America, is set to acquire National Carwash Solutions, L.P. (NCS), the largest independent carwash service organization in North America. The transaction is expected to close within the next 30 days.

NCS, a respected and innovative service leader, serves customers across 14 states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions, including regional convenience store chains and professional tunnel operators. Staffed by a 60-person team, NCS has a long established reputation for high quality customer service.

“The combination of Ryko Solutions and NCS results in a strengthening of our commitment to our collective operator base in four key areas: enhanced service footprint; an expanded focus on the delivery of improved uptime; the ability to more thoroughly support competitive carwash systems; and the opportunity to adopt NCS’ “360 Degree Partnership” approach to the customer’s business, whereby expert knowledge, professional service, and practical solutions are applied across the customer’s business to enhance their business success,” said Steven L’Heureux, CEO of Ryko Solutions.

L’Heureux went on to explain that NCS further presented itself as an ideal strategic fit because of the company’s consultative services capability that is focused around supporting customer attainment of improved profitability following installation.

L’Heureux also saw great value in the company’s in-depth expertise in the professional tunnel space, which Ryko will leverage to continue its aggressive growth in that market segment.

The NCS team will work in concert with Ryko Solutions’ North American wide service network and resources to further solidify Ryko’s position of being the leading provider of service support within the carwash industry with what will now be a combined network of over 250 plus technicians across the U.S.

“I’m excited about the shared mission we have with Ryko around partnering with customers to build more profitable car washes,” explained Hank Richard, CEO, National Carwash Solutions. “Both Ryko’s and NCS’ shared strong customer centric commitment and keen interest in providing the industry’s premier consulting services is what makes the difference in being able to earn the trust of and build longtime relationships with customers.”



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