Writing Instruments For Kids

BicKidsBIC has introduced its brand new line of products, BIC Kids, the first and only line of writing instruments designed specifically for children who are learning to write. BIC Kids was developed with a team of teachers, engineers and kids in an effort to help young children strengthen their writing skills and engage in the adventure of writing at an early age. The products are intended to encourage children to write. The products offer a unique guiding line to help position little fingers correctly, are ergonomically designed specifically for kids’ hands and work for both left-handed and right-handed children. The full product suite includes: BIC Kids Mechanical Pencils come in pink or blue, and include an eraser and lead refill with six leads. Children can also personalize their pencil with stickers. BIC Kids Pens are available in purple or green, and include stickers for personalization. BIC Kids Stylus offers an innovative tool for small hands and helps children navigate tablets.  For each of the products, one-pack has a Suggested Retail Price of $3.49.

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