BIG AZ Line Expansion

AdvancePierreAdvancePierre Foods (APF) is introducing the BIG AZ Angus Cheddar Cheeseburger and BIG AZ Chicken Bacon Cheddar Club to its BIG AZ line, one of the top brands in the sandwich market. A Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency (TURF) analysis of Big AZ target consumers indicated that both a premium Angus version of the BIG AZ cheeseburger and a Chicken club sandwich that answers the demand for bacon and chicken options would be popular sellers. The BIG AZ Angus Cheddar Cheeseburger features an over-sized charbroiled Angus beef patty with fresh, off-the-grill flavor sandwiched between two slices of cheddar cheese and served on a hearth-baked BIG AZ bun. The first grilled chicken offering in the BIG AZ line, the BIG AZ Chicken Bacon Cheddar Club is on trend with the club-style sandwich offerings that have gained popularity in the quick-service restaurant and casual dining industries. Both Sandwiches have a 14-day refrigerated and 12-month frozen shelf life. Hand-wrapped BIG AZ sandwiches can hold hot in a sandwich warmer for up to four hours.

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