“Hangry Moments” Campaign

JackLinksJack Link’s has debuted its new national brand campaign, “Hangry Moments,” which brings to life how “hangry” feelings demand protein-packed Jack Link’s Jerky. In each spot, the lead character’s intense hunger comes in the form of a wild animal—a wolf, puma and eagle—that literally emerges from his or her stomach, personifying the “hangry” feelings that can’t be satisfied by other protein poser snacks like granola bars and nuts. The character’s hunger is tamed thanks to Jack Link’s Jerky and the wild animal retreats. The spots illustrate that “Hangry Moments” can strike anytime. “Hangry Moments,” developed by Carmichael Lynch, will debut online and on cable TV on channels such as Comedy Central, ESPN, FX, The Onion, YouTube and more. The new campaign will run alongside the existing “Messin’ with Sasquatch” campaign, also developed by Carmichael Lynch.

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