Shell Oil Makes LED Lighting Available to Network

Shell Petroleum editPartners with LSI Industries.

LSI Industries Inc. has been selected by Shell Oil Company to participate in Shell’s National Wholesaler Co-op Program to make available LED technology lighting products to their network of wholesalers and dealers that brand Shell across locations in North America.

With this program, Shell announced to its network recently that they have teamed up with LSI Petroleum Lighting to “bring an enhanced Shell LED lighting program that now includes one of the most recognizable brand names and requested lighting products in the petroleum industry.”

“We are excited to be included in this new and expanded program for Shell and expect to begin servicing their network immediately,” said Scott Ready, president of LSI Industries. “It is rewarding to be recognized for the innovative technology and the unparalleled service resource that LSI represents to the Shell team. Building on our industry-leading Legacy canopy fixture released to the market last year, we continue to expand our LED product solutions to provide a faster payback for the Petroleum retail and convenience store operators as they convert to LED lighting.”


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