Retail Solutions Help New Cenex Retailers Succeed

Community Oil Co. opens first c-store in Iowa.

Retail services provided by CHS Inc., an energy, grains and foods company, continue to help marketers achieve a smooth and successful transition to its Cenex brand.

Recently Community Oil Co. took advantage of those retail services to ensure a successful opening for its first convenience store in Rock Valley, Iowa.

“The Cenex brand continues to grow, and we are very pleased that Community Oil Co. has opened a Cenex convenience store in its community,” said Steve Haase, CHS retail solutions manager. “Our CHS retail experts have been collaborating closely with the company’s team to help ensure a strong start and long-term success for the new c-store.”

So far, Community Oil Co. has taken advantage of the CHS Retail Solutions Preferred Vendor Program, the CHS Retail Specialist Consulting Program, and the CHS

5-STAR Evaluation Study (an operational assessment and comprehensive analysis that determines the financial strength of an existing or potential retail operation).

“I’m very satisfied with the Preferred Vendor Program and the support CHS has provided to help us open a new convenience store and provide great customer service,” said Mike Bruckner, general manager for Community Oil Co., based in Rock Valley.

The Retail Solutions Preferred Vendor Program makes it easy for the Cenex network of retailers to take advantage of value and cost efficiencies provided from a prequalified, select group of preferred vendors. Some key features of the program include:

•      Provides a variety of goods and services that benefit the entire Cenex c-store network

•      Includes trusted vendors that provide high-quality goods and services in their categories and regions

•      Is designed to help retailers meet their business goals, while also providing value to the vendors who participate

“Our Preferred Vendor Program provides the convenience of trusted vendor connections that are right for today’s c-stores. We understand what retailers need to compete, and we offer a number of resources to help ensure a smooth transition to the Cenex brand,” said Haase.




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