Bars For Serious Athletes

J090085_DE_12pk_85g_lscp 2Detour has introduced Lean Muscle Bars, which are made for serious athletes interested in building and maintaining lean muscle mass. Lean Muscle Bars come in two convenient sizes, one with 32 grams of protein, 1000 mg of healthy Omega 3’s, 390 calories and just three grams of sugar; and the other with 16 grams of high quality protein, 500 mg of Omega 3’s, and just two grams of sugar and 190 calories. Detour Lean Muscle bars are available in four delicious flavors: Cookies N’ Cream, Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch, Cookie Dough Caramel Crisp and Fudge Almond Crunch. They are available at retailers nationwide.

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