Sunhouse Petroleum Selects inOvationTV Media Program

ovationInnovative technology creates opportunities to engage consumers.

Sunhouse Petroleum LLC recently installed the inOvationTV media platform in Greensboro, N.C.

“The oil industry is constantly evolving and at an increasingly rapid rate,” stated Shri Kamma, president, Sunhouse Petroleum LLC. “Technology creates so many new opportunities to engage with our customers. The inOvationTV media program is an important part of our ongoing efforts to integrate new technical systems into our operations, upgrading our consumer offering, and increasing our profitability.”

Sunhouse Petroleum, headquartered in Myrtle Beach, S.C., owns and operates fueling stations and convenience stores throughout Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, as well as managing its own fleet of tanker trucks and wholesale fuel supply operations throughout the region.

“We chose to feature new Wayne Ovation fuel dispensers equipped with the inOvationTV media program as part of a major renovation effort in Greensboro,” stated Shri Kamma, President, Sunhouse Petroleum LLC. “Customer response to the media content has been immediate and extremely positive, and has provided us with a platform where we can talk directly to our customers at the pump.”

Positioning itself as an organization that is “Fueling The Future,” Sunhouse Petroleum embraces a forward-thinking business philosophy. “Sunhouse Petroleum was quick to recognize that the inOvationTV media platform offers fuel retailers a broad value proposition,” stated Cameron Nokes, product manager for the inOvationTV media program at Wayne. “In addition to the enhanced customer experience and promotional benefits of Wayne’s media platform, our Ovation dispensers are also EMV-ready and capable of supporting Near Field Communication (NFC) solutions as these payment technologies are implemented.”

Sunhouse Petroleum is the first station in Greensboro to feature the inOvationTV media platform, and is part of an accelerated growth period for the inOvationTV media platform. “Our collaboration with Wayne continues to yield impressive results in establishing video-at-the-pump as the new normal for the industry,” stated David Leider, CEO of GSTV. “Our progress really speaks to the improved brand and business performance that retailers in our inOvationTV media program are experiencing.”





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