Super Muffins

BNJ SuperfruitOffering customers healthier options from the bakery just got easier with Bake’n Joy’s PanFree 4.25-ounce Superfruit & Nut and 4.25-ounce Hearty Oat Apple Raisin Nut muffin batters. Made with 100% Whole Grains, each muffin packs a healthy punch, delicious flavor and convenient preparation. PanFree Superfruit & Nut Muffin provides a good source of key nutrients, with 28 grams of whole grains (nearly two servings), fruits rich in antioxidants (blueberries, cranberries and raspberries), almonds, and ground flaxseed for a dose of Omega-3s. PanFree Hearty Oat Apple Raisin Nut Muffin starts with a healthy blend of steel cut and rolled oats and has 32 grams of whole grains (more than two servings) per muffin. Now you can take the convenience of freezer-to-oven-to-merchandising rack to a whole new level to fill the demand for better-for-you muffins. Packed 36 4.25 oz. batter units per case.

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