InComm, Softgate Partner

incommCashtie to make cash payments more convenient for consumers.

InComm, a prepaid product and transaction services company, announced that Softgate Systems, a provider of retail bill payment solutions, is integrating its biller content into InComm’s Cashtie API.

As a result, InComm-integrated retailers can now enable consumers to make cash bill payments in-store for 12,000 billers.

Cashtie enables bill payment providers to quickly and easily add cash payment options to their existing applications. With Cashtie, partners can provide companies the ability to let consumers send cash or pay in cash for their utility bills, loans and more at nearby retail locations. Cashtie customers can leverage InComm’s global retail network, potentially turning every cash register at nearly 400,000 points of retail distribution into cash payment locations with no additional POS integration required.

“By combining Softgate’s biller network and InComm’s vast retail presence, Cashtie lets us offer consumers significantly more retail locations at which they can pay their bills, making it easier for them to make payments on time,” said Rick Auletta, president and CEO, Softgate Systems. “Consumers can quickly pay their bills with a single scan of a barcode, while retailers can increase foot traffic and repeat business. It really is a win-win scenario for billers, consumers and retailers alike. We’re pleased to partner with Cashtie and provide consumers with more flexible payment options.”

With over 28% of the U.S. population transacting almost exclusively in cash, the increased reach that Softgate offers by implementing Cashtie will provide more customers with a cash payment option that is fast, safe and secure.

“We are excited to support Softgate in the expansion of their PayXchange network,” said Thomas Cornelius, senior vice president at InComm. “Cash-based consumers now have more options than ever to make payments, and an additional benefit is that the process is just as quick and easy as any other transaction at the POS. For consumers, there is no stigma of standing in line at the payment service desk and no need to make any disclosures about their cash payments since the barcode is used as an anonymous payment trigger. Plus, there are extreme time savings and cost savings for retailers—cashiers can now focus on selling store products rather than servicing frustrated customers standing in line to pay a bill.”

The Cashtie API allows providers to add a cash payment option for their customers within as little time as a few weeks. To get started, providers simply sign up for the API and build their application with just a few lines of code. They can then leverage InComm’s existing integrations with retailers to enable cash transactions at the POS, right at the cash register.




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