CrystalLightAs carbonated soft drinks sales continue to decline, many operators are seeking new opportunities to increase beverage profits while providing patrons with the refreshing drinks they want. With 90% aided brand awareness (according to Aided, IPSOS Brand Health Tracker, Year End 2013), CRYSTAL LIGHT Bag-in-Box can easily help operators regain their cold beverage sales. In fact, a recent study conducted with more than 50 operations showed that adding CRYSTAL LIGHT Bag-In-Box to their lineup increased total machine-dispensed cold beverage sales by 9% (according to a Cognitio Study, Aug. 24, 2013). Plus, compact packaging and no electricity needed make it an eco-friendly and energy efficient choice. Available in seven refreshing flavors, including Raspberry Ice, Cherry Antioxidant, Wild Strawberry Energy, Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Iced Tea with Lemon and Peach Tea, CRYSTAL LIGHT Bag-in-Box is sure to appeal to customers seeking a flavorful, cold beverage and operators looking to boost their bottom line. Contact a Kraft sales representative to receive two free cases.

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