RILA Launches Retail Energy Management Program

RILAEnergy Management Maturity Matrix allows industry to drive improvements to existing strategies.

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) has launched its Retail Energy Management Program by releasing the Retail Energy Management Maturity Matrix, a tool designed to help retailers optimize their energy management programs.

The Matrix provides a baseline for retail energy managers to measure their existing programs against, identify opportunities for growth and provide a roadmap to improve processes, all of which will drive energy performance and shrink costs.

“RILA is excited to launch the Retail Energy Management Program and release the Retail Energy Management Maturity Matrix,” said Adam Siegel, vice president of sustainability and retail operations at RILA. “This tool will provide retail energy managers the insight necessary to evaluate programs, identify opportunities, and develop plans to improve energy performance across the industry.”

The Energy Management Program, and the Matrix released today, is sponsored by Schneider Electric; with an analytics partnership with Wipro.

“We are proud to be involved in a transformative effort for the retail industry,” said Mike Fraser, vice president of global sustainability services at Schneider Electric. “The retail sector consumes a vast amount of energy and there is a significant opportunity to improve the efficiency of that energy usage and in the process reduce cost and resource impact.”

RILA’s Retail Energy Management Maturity Matrix was designed to help retailers identify leading practices in energy management. It was developed with input from numerous retailers and reviews of existing tools, like ISO 50001 and the EPA Energy Management Guidelines. DOE, EPA, energy service vendors, and other critical stakeholders reviewed the Matrix.

“By engaging with all stakeholders relevant to retail energy programs, RILA hopes to tap the knowledge and expertise of a diverse community to help improve retail energy management programs,” Siegel concluded.

RILA will now survey its members, utilizing Schneider Electric’s Resource Advisor platform, to identify the state of retail energy management to provide insights necessary to develop further program initiatives and education efforts. The year’s activities will culminate at RILA’s annual Retail Sustainability Conference, which will host an Energy Management track specifically for this program. This year’s conference will be held Sept. 29 to Oct. 2 in Minneapolis.



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