Premium Portable Vaporizer

Ploom PaxRedefining smoking for the modern generation, Ploom—developers of products that provide a cleaner, more flavorful alternative to the smoking experience—have launched PAX, the most pocketable, premium, loose-leaf vaporizer on the market today. Reimagining the smoking paradigm, Pax weds modern technologies, materials, and processes with a beautifully simple yet effective design. PAX uses the process of vaporization to offer a superior alternative to smoking—heating tobacco instead of burning it, and releasing active ingredients and natural oils into a resulting subtle vapor. Vaporization produces no combustion, therefore eliminating second-hand smoke. PAX is a cleaner, cooler, and more respectful way to smoke. PAX Features: Three adjustable temperature settings; lithium ion rechargeable internal battery; quality vapor—no more ash, bad smell, and smoky haze; high performance in a compact size; retractable mouthpiece for ease of use; LED indicator lights; laser-welded stainless steel air path and a 10-year warranty. PAX retails for $249.99.

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  1. I found the solo better though. here is a comparison review of the pax and the solo…they seem to be (still) the best two portable vaporizers out there (source

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