Marathon Petroleum Partners With Drop Tank

Marathon Logo RGBOffers cents-off discount program.

Marathon Petroleum Corp. (MPC) and Drop Tank LLC and have announced a plan to roll out Drop Tank’s fuel discounting technology across Marathon-branded fuel sites to enable a new suite of cents-off products and offers.

With Drop Tank technology and services, MPC will expand its current branded card offerings to include instant, at-the-pump, cents-off-per-gallon discounts, initially available in the form of gift cards and promotional cards.

“We are proud to be working with Marathon Petroleum,” said Drop Tank CEO David VanWiggeren. “Their growing retail network and commitment to sustainable and profitable programs for fuel marketers make them a great fit.”

The initiative positions MPC to be a preferred redemption partner for third parties interested in offering fuel discounts through the use of Drop Tank’s simple and flexible cents-off products. In addition to having exclusive redemption rights for all Marathon-branded, cents-off card products, MPC will also have preferred redemption rights for cents-off card products issued as part of Drop Tank’s growing national redemption network.

The enrollment period began earlier this month for Marathon-brand fuel marketers. For the eligible marketers who sign up by Sept. 30, 2014, MPC will fully fund the deployment of Drop Tank’s proprietary cents-off technology for qualified sites. The cents-off technology deployment involves POS configuration and the installation of Drop Tank’s smart router. Following the enrollment period, certified technicians will begin fanning out across the Marathon brand network to deploy the technology.



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