APCA Forms to Aid Independent C-Stores

APCA“Our goal is nothing less than providing an excellent platform for our members,” says chairman of APCA.

 The American Petroleum and Convenience Store Association (APCA) has been formed to unite independent gasoline and convenience store owners, beginning with California and then expanding nationwide.   

APCA aims to be a grass roots organization providing representation to these small and medium-sized enterprises, filling a need previously unfulfilled according to founding members.

APCA’s chief aims will be to improve the business environment and community relations of the independent convenience store retailers and become a resource for its members in all their business transactions. 

APCA will provide information on legislative and regulatory policy at the state and federal level along with updates for members on issues that affect members daily and directly. APCA will also provide connections to vendors for better pricing and stronger relationships. Members of APCA will be able to participate in trade/buying shows where they can test new products before investing in them. APCA will also educate its members so those with experience can continue to grow and those who have less experience can be empowered to take their businesses to new levels.

“Our goal is nothing less than providing an excellent platform for our members,” stated Jag Kapoor, chairman of APCA. “With our collective experience in the convenience store industry, we feel that we can provide needed services and information in a timely manner to our members which will serve to increase their bottom line,” he concluded. 

“We believe there is a niche for APCA which is why we created it,” continued Jivtesh Gill, spokesman of APCA and executive vice chairman of the National Coalition of Associations of 7-Eleven Franchisees. “We felt that this niche could best be filled by this new association and we intend to become a force that will serve our members’ interests,” Gill concluded. 

APCA is a non-profit association formed in late 2013 and is dedicated to empowering its members in the convenience store industry to succeed.  APCA members include many gasoline service station and convenience store owners throughout California.



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