Touchscreen Coffee Brewing System

FETCOFETCO has introduced the Extractor Touchscreen Series Coffee Brewing Systems. Simplify daily operations with the inviting new touchscreen that is intuitive and simple to navigate during setup, programming and brewing modes. Customize the screen to display individual recipe names for quick and easy access to your most popular coffee blends. The Extractor Touchscreen Series is available in a variety of configurations to meet your brewing needs. The one-gallon single or dual-station brewers are convenient for small to medium-sized venues, such as convenience stores. For medium to large-sized venues such as banquet halls, cafeterias and restaurants, the 1.5-gallon single or dual-station brewers are the ideal solution.  Also part of the lineup, FETCO’s new Airpot Touchscreen Coffee Brewing System is available in four different options to meet your needs: three liter, single or dual station; and one gallon, single or dual station. It is the perfect hot beverage solution for high-volume self-service environments, such as convenience stores.
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