Frozen Yogurt Swirling Made Easy

Machine-App_Menu-788154272085Donper America has introduced a customer-exclusive Android Application that focuses solely on improving training and support for soft serve machine operators. This easy-to-use app includes step-by-step instructions, videos, troubleshooting guides, and much more that will help to continue educating frozen yogurt store operators on their equipment. Ongoing training is something that is currently lacking within the soft serve machine industry, and now, it will be easier than ever for frozen yogurt store operators to learn how to properly maintain and operate their machines. Donper America created this app to be user-friendly. The step-by-step interactive instructions, glossaries, videos, and troubleshooting guides help store owners not only continue their own education on the equipment, but also help to easily train new employees that have not worked with soft serve equipment in the past. The ease of access is also a convenient feature for store owners. Instead of physically searching through a paperback manual, operators can now just open their Donper America Training App to easily find exactly what they are seeking.

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