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CS Products--300x250--01-2014In December 2013, 21st Century Smoke introduced its first line of Vaporizers and USA-made e-juice, made in a GMP, FDA approved facility, “VAPIN PLUS.” The company conducted a substantial amount of research with different manufacturers before launching the product. 21st Century Smoke is using the best factory to manufacture its Vaporizer pens and EVE batteries, the best quality battery in the market. It also is using the newest technology available, no wick, and it loads from the bottom. Since day one the product has proven to be a huge success. In just four weeks, Vapin Plus is outselling every e-cig line in the stores where it’s placed. Acrylic racks that contain vaporizer pens, e-juice, tanks atomizers and lanyards are available to retailers at no charge. Twelve different flavors are available, all made in USA.

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