Liquid Water Enhancer

Minute Maid Drops LemonadeMinute Maid has introduced a liquid water enhancer that contains real fruit juice for refreshment on-the-go. People can add a splash of flavor to their water with Minute Maid Drops in Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Mango Tropical or Raspberry Lemonade. Conveniently packaged, Minute Maid Drops are perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle. Each bottle makes approximately 28 servings for delicious refreshment anytime, anywhere. The Minute Maid Drops experience can be summed up in three user-friendly steps: SQUEEZE to enhance your water; DRINK anywhere anytime; and RESEAL for future use. Minute Maid Drops Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Mango Tropical and Raspberry Lemonade are now available at grocery stores and mass merchant retailers nationwide in easy-to-use 1.9-fluid-ounce squeezable bottles with a flip-top closure. The suggested retail price is $3.50 – $3.99.

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  1. WHODATGIRL says:

    You cannot find these in any of our stores in Louisiana. If you do you might get one that time but when you return back to purchase more you cannot get any. I wish I had a way to contact coca-cola to voice my concerns.

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