Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference Announces Keynote Speakers

The annual conference offers the chance to meet and network with industry experts.

The 2014 Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference, produce by World Alliance for Retail Excellence & Standards, announced its full list of keynote speakers from the Spaulding Companies Corp., Cleveland Research Co., TEDxBoulder, the Retail Food Industry/FMI, RetailNet Group and Agua Marketing.

World Alliance welcomes these visionaries to the main stage at this year’s location, Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa, San Antonio, Texas from April 26–29, 2014.

 The keynote speakers will share their perspectives on future retail trends and insights, the truth of customer experience, and building better partnerships with clients through knowledge and technology. To date, the lineup includes:

Tommy Spaulding, President, Spaulding Companies Corp.

Jason Whitmer, President, Cleveland Research Co.

Erika Napoletano, Head Redhead, RHW Media

Michael Sansolo, Retail Food Industry Consultant and former SVP, Food Marketing Institute

Dan O’Connor, President & CEO, RetailNet Group

Manuel Delgado, CEO, Agua Marketing (specializing in Hispanic marketing)

The 2014 Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference is sponsored by World Alliance for Retail Excellence & Standards and to date includes 20 industry-leading sponsorship partners—Natural Insight, Driveline Merchandising Services, Williamson Dickie MFG Company, ACOSTA Sales & Marketing, American Public University, SAS Retail Services, CROSSMARK, JobOn Corporation, Apollo Retail Specialists, SMR7, SPAR Group Inc., Chuck Latham Associates Inc., RMSe Inc., ADVANTAGE Sales & Marketing, MOBEX, Inc., Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, Big Orange Productions, Inc., Lawrence Merchandising Services, Ex-Sell Sales & Merchandising and Merchandise & Audit Services, Inc. (MAAS).

The annual conference offers the chance to meet and network with top-drawer industry experts from around the world, while also providing an opportunity to gather relevant, take-away and actionable information from leading national retail speakers. With the 2014 theme of “Elevate (Your Brand), Energize (Your Workforce) and Enhance (Your Sustainability),” the conference features exciting and highly relevant topics designed to boost the industry and its organizations to the next level of profitability, efficiency and endurance in the face of today’s challenges and ever-changing dynamics.




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