Navy and Marine Corps Exchange Stores Consider Tobacco Ban

cigaretteQuestions remain about the scope of the potential ban, which could be implemented as early as Oct. 1.

The Navy is considering a ban on the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products at Navy and Marine Corps exchange stores as part of an initiative to improve the culture of fitness in the services.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has asked staff to review the impact of ending the sale of tobacco on base, two defense officials told NBC News. Questions include whether the ban—if implemented—would extend to overseas bases or only exist in the U.S., as well as whether to ban tobacco in combat zones and on ship stores.  

Already, price subsidies for tobacco products on bases has ceased, but NBC News reported the potential banning of all tobacco products is still “in the early stages of this process,” although one defense official told the news organization the policy be implemented as early as Oct. 1.

In addition, Congress is considering a Pentagon-recommended $1 billion cut to subsidies at stateside commissaries, which are frequented by military and veteran families. The change could triple the cost of household goods.




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