Central Florida Faces Fuel Shortage

gasoline editFoggy weather causes delays in gas delivery, causing many stations to run dry.

Gas stations in central Florida are facing a temporary fuel shortage that has left some convenience store locations without any fuel to dispense.

A spokesperson for 7-Eleven told Orlando News 13 that the chain had only 50% of the fuel they needed to serve customers. Due to the shortage, some stations have temporarily run dry, while others are just missing premium fuel.

Gregg Laskoski with Gas Buddy told the news station that several factors had created the fuel shortage. Beginning two weeks ago, heavy fog at the Tampa terminal prevented gas from being delivered from Texas, which caused a backup. Meanwhile the price of ethanol is on the rise and demand is at a six-year high this time of year in central Florida. Unbranded stations, he noted were most likely to be impacted by the delay.

7-Eleven told Orlando News 13 it was working to get fuel from Tampa, Cape Canaveral and Miami, and had hired additional drivers to transport the gas.

Meanwhile, the shortage is driving up the pump price across central Florida. The average price of $3.51 shot up five cents in the past week, which was already up 13 cents from a few weeks ago.

While no one can predict the end of the shortage, gas stations are working around the clock to do all they can to solve the problem.


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