Organic Kettle Corn Snacks

kettlePopPopcorn lovers who thought their favorite snack food couldn’t get any better may just find that conclusion turned on its head after trying KettlePop. As snack foods go, popcorn is one of the healthiest, packed with antioxidants. KettlePop scours the globe for the best organic, non-GMO ingredients and works closely with farmers to ensure that only the highest quality corn goes into each bag. Next, it hand pops each and every kernel to perfection in a patented fire-burning kettle. And finally, it tops the popcorn with preservative-free flavorings. Whether they are savoring the certified Organic Sea Salt or Organic Kettle Korn variety (MSRP $2.99-3.99), KettlePop eaters will walk away from the experience with delighted taste buds.

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