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Voodoo Brand E-Pens and E-Liquids Designed to Grow the E-Vapor SectionKretek International Inc. announced the rollout of its new line of Voodoo brand e-vapor liquids and personal e-pens.  The expanded Voodoo lineup was introduced on Jan.29 at the TPC Show in Las Vegas and will be available for the U. S. market in April.  Voodoo brand’s new line allows ‘Vapers’ to customize and mix e-liquid flavor combinations in a refillable personal rechargeable vapor unit.  Several merchandising units re available including open stock counter display cartons and two acrylic combo units. Voodoo e-liquids are being launched in 20 flavors from Apple to Wild Berry.  Flavor development used authentic hookah tobacco flavors as benchmarks.   Pop-up counter cartons display 10 bottles in single flavors, or in a series of variety packs.  Each bottle can deliver up to 5 refills for a Voodoo E-pen tank.  Voodoo e-liquids are available in 2.1%, 0.6% and zero nicotine levels.  The 10 milliliters Voodoo bottles have tamper-evident seals and child-resistant twist-off caps.

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  1. squashpup says:

    Terrible quality on the e-pen. Connectors randomly quit working, wicks burn easily. I went through a 3 pack of tanks ($21.00) in 72 hours…and that’s rotating between two batteries and priming until very, very wet.

    Not worth the money.

  2. King Pen Vapes says:

    Apple. bubblegum, and cotton candy flavor e-hookahs


    or starter kit vaporizers for less than $25 with carry case and dual pens


    Free Shipping and 1 year free warranty on all items!

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