Video System Integration Services

CSD_gulfcoast_F_0109Gulfcoast Software Solutions LLC offers video, loss prevention and point-of-sale (POS) data integration solutions that use the Gulfcoast Storekeeper Hybrid DVR and NVR Video Management System. However, the solutions also integrate seamlessly with many other DVR brands, including Samsung, Bosch, Ionit, NUUO, Avigilon, Geovision and others. Gulfcoast features a state of the art video and data mining solution and the Storekeeper Remote Hub, which enables the management of all deployed devices and systems from a single location. For over a decade, Gulfcoast has provided systems design, scope of work, hardware, integration and support services in the convenience store industry, including video systems, burglar alarm and two-way audio systems. Gulfcoast consults with and customizes its solution based upon the business model and workflow models its customers employ.

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