Love’s Debuts New Travel Stop Model

Loves-Edit-150x131With an efficient design and a range of amenities, the new store positions Love’s for future growth.

Love’s Travel Stops has debuted a new travel stop model with the opening of its new store in Andrews, Texas, on U.S. Highway 385.

The travel stop opened on Thursday, March 13, and offers a more efficient design that  “allows the company to expand beyond interstates to major highways across the nation,” the company told Tire Business.

The travel stop offers 48 truck parking spaces, a McDonald’s restaurant, gourmet coffee, name-brand snacks and merchandise. Bulk DEF will be available at the pump at all diesel lanes, along with RFID cardless fueling technology, CAT scales, five showers and other amenities for professional drivers.

“Andrews is an ideal place to introduce the new concept,” Greg Love, co-CEO of Love’s told Tire Business. “Our loyal customers operate all over the country and they’ve indicated gaps in driver services an amenities exist beyond the interstate system. The introduction of this new model allows Love’s to offer the ‘Clean Places, Friendly Faces’ Love’s is known for to more hard-working drivers on the nation’s highways.”



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