Prestige Packaging Named 2013 Supplier of the Year

lil'drugstore_corp_2COLORAward from Lil’ Drug Store Products recognizes quality, value and service achievements in packaging over-the-counter health care products for top supplier to convenience retailing channel.

Lil’ Drug Store Products Inc. (LDSP), a supplier of global consumer products, has named Prestige Packaging of Ft. Myers, Fla. as its 2013 Supplier of the Year. 

The award recognizes Prestige Packaging for its excellence among all of LDSP’s global suppliers of four critical expectations:  solid cost value; exceptional product quality; outstanding customer service, and strong positive impact on LDSP’s business.

LDSP is a supplier of Health and Beauty Care products to convenience retailers, distributing 250-plus products to convenience stores, airports, and hotels nationwide.

Since 2005 Prestige Packaging’s 75,000 square foot facility, located in Ft Myers Fla., has annually pouched and packaged LDSP’s OTC private label pain, allergy and cold symptom relievers.  The OTC pouches contain millions of single-, multi- and triple-product doses per year, which LDSP provides to convenience stores in conveniently-sized, personal-use packets.

“We work with great suppliers across the world, ranging in size from large multinational companies to small family operations, and in 2013 no one surpassed Prestige Packaging’s commitment to outstanding service and supplying the highest quality OTC medications,” said Don Chizek, LDSP vice president of operations. “Our company pioneered the use of convenience-sized packaging for non-prescription drug products made by some of the world’s most respected companies and Prestige Packaging has been a critical component our successful Convenience channel business. Their quality and efficiency benefit both retailers and consumers.”

“Prestige Packaging is grateful for this recognition from Lil’ Drug Store Products, which validates our collaborative partnership that our companies formed eight years ago,” said Todd Lewis, president of Prestige Packaging.  “We have invested in advanced pouching technology, and are proud of our contribution to LDSP’s leadership in reliably supplying convenience retailers in over 100,000 stores nationwide.”

Both Prestige Packaging and LDSP are quality leaders in their fields. Prestige Packaging has numerous quality certifications, is FDA-approved for handling OTC medications and integrated WMS Inventory Tracking System with lot code traceability for logistics accuracy. Lil’ Drug Store Products has International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Certification in medical devices and quality management systems, and was a pioneer in using barcodes in its convenience-sized packaging.

“LDSP’s continued product packaging innovations has won numerous awards,” Chizek added. “The capabilities of Prestige Packaging are a solid fit with our distribution strengths and product leadership, and we look forward to continued successful partnership with them as they meet our packaging needs and building the LDSP private label OTC brands for years to come.”




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