Vaporin Partners With C-Store Distributors

National distribution agreement through Checkstand Program brings Vaporin products to convenience stores.

Vaporin Inc., a manufacturer, distributor and marketer of electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and e-liquids used for the delivery of nicotine, non-nicotine and cannabis-based products, announced an agreement with C-Store Distributors (C-Store) through their Checkstand Program for national distribution of the company’s electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and e-liquids.

“Rolling our products out through convenience stores is a critical point of our distribution strategy,” said Scott Frohman, CEO of Vaporin. “Up to 75% of all compostable cigarettes are sold at the convenience store level. As the estimated $1.8 billion electronic cigarette industry continues to mature and consumers become educated on alternatives to traditional cigarettes it will be important that we are on shelves globally and have a strong in-store presence. It is an important milestone for us to partner with distributors, such as C-Store who has extensive experience and reach in the roll out of new brands. This is one of the many steps we are taking in aggressively building distribution as we seek to gain strong revenue growth in the electronic cigarette and vaporizer industry.”

“We anticipate a big sell-thru with the Vaporin product line,” noted Anthony Bautista, Partner of Checkstand Program. “We feel this brand represents the next big wave in the Vaping category and will be a great fit into the line of successful products offered by our company to nationally located store chains.”

C-Store Distributors and their Checkstand Program are nationally known with a focus on convenience store distribution. C-Store specializes in new product launches in up to 5,000 convenience stores outlets with distributor, broker, wholesale and convenience store chain relationships.




  1. sylvia kronstadt says:

    I am glad that these products are being made widely available. Although we obviously need more data about their safety, I think any informed person must realize that they are infinitely safer than tobacco cigarettes.

    As a journalist, I have researched e-cigs extensively. I have come to an intriguing and (to me) exciting conclusion: They are not effective nicotine delivery devices. They are having a wonderful placebo effect. They are changing lives, and the culture as a whole. Here’s proof:

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