Quik-E Foods Partners With March Networks

moneyMarch Networks Solution helps Quik-E Foods reduce shrink.

Quik-E Foods of Lynchburg, Va. is upgrading to March Networks’ next-generation retail solution for enhanced security and loss prevention.

March Networks is a global provider of intelligent IP video solutions. The March Networks solution integrates high-quality video, audio and transaction data to combat point-of-sale (POS) fraud and other threats to the business. The powerful solution has already helped Quik-E Foods improve operations and resolve serious incidents across its chain of 12 convenience stores and five automated car washes.

“We caught a cashier who was pausing transactions and then pocketing the money once customers left the store. The scam was adding up to more than $6,000 in losses,” explained Quik-E Foods Vice President Todd Burgess. “With the deep POS integration and search tools in our March Networks solution, those transactions showed up as voids, and we also had the video evidence to verify what was happening. There wasn’t a need to search for hours and hours. It was instant.”

Working with March Networks certified provider Integrated Technology Group, Quik-E Foods is upgrading its existing March Networks NVRs to high-performance 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs. The recorders maintain the unparalleled reliability, centralized video management and scalability of previous generation March Networks NVRs. In addition, they deliver improved performance and video compression, expanded internal storage and the ability to support as many as 32 IP cameras or hybrid analog/IP configurations. This allows Quik-E to transition from 100% analog to 100% IP video cost-effectively and at its own pace.

The convenience store chain will also upgrade to powerful March Networks Searchlight for Retail software, which will be particularly helpful in optimizing operations at the family-run business. In addition to quickly investigating suspect transactions along with associated video, retailers can use Searchlight’s automated reports to monitor operations, such as whether stores opened on time, shelves were stocked properly and employees were dressed as required. The daily reports will also help the retailer maintain compliance and operational standards. Searchlight accomplishes in minutes what formerly took hours of time and effort to adequately oversee.

Using the mobile video service March Networks Cloud, the Quik-E team also has convenient access to live and recorded surveillance video on their smartphones and tablets. With full backward compatibility, the mobile solution allows the IT team to review video for all convenience store and car wash locations, regardless of technology generation installed.

The reliability of the March Networks recorders proved invaluable to Quik-E in 2013 when 60 mph winds tore through the Lynchburg area, forcing the business to rely on generators for power. “When the power was restored, all of my recorders came back up,” said Quik-E’s Burgess. “The thing that most impresses me about March Networks technology is that it’s a piece of equipment that’s extremely reliable. I never have to fool with it.”

“Quik-E Foods is a long-time customer who proves how a growing business can rely on our complete retail solutions to provide a real competitive advantage,” said Net Payne, chief marketing officer, March Networks. “They have used the technology to improve their operational efficiency, ensure security for their customers and staff, and protect their profitability. In addition, they have continued to add new, advanced capabilities without ever having to abandon existing recorder and camera investments.”



  1. Keith Richmond says:

    CSD Staff
    This article talks about a very interesting technology which looks like it has some big potential for growth in the future. The thing that concerns me is that there is no mention in this article to Quik-E Foods implementing a network security solution that is designed to operate multiple applications across many store locations securely… For the purposes of my comment, an application can be defined by any business need and may include things like payment, loyalty, guest access Wi-Fi, POS support, tank monitoring, video surveillance, etc. Having multiple applications creates risk for a breach as hackers have multiple ways in which they can access the network. Convenience stores, retailers, and restaurants should really all think about implementing a security solution specifically designed to handle this. Operating a network security solution that is not built with the latest technology makes the business vulnerable to hackers and it goes without saying, a single breach could literally bring a business down!

    One technology that exists today that does this is an Application Defined Network (ADN). In short, an Application Defined Network (ADN) simplifies security by establishing discrete independent networks that do not require complex security rules to partition traffic types. It is designed to address the need to securely enable multiple, differing applications, such as guest access Wi-Fi, while securing payment and other back office applications on the same network. It allows for specific security and performance policies to be established at the application level versus the network interface level which allows for applications with contrasting security policy requirements to be completely isolated from one another and facilitated with customized security features. If an Application Defined Network (ADN) is breached by an outside party, the ability of the breach to bleed between the other applications, such as a payment, is virtually eliminated.

    The technology to enable an Application Defined Network (ADN) appears to be simple to install (plug-and-play), simple to operate, and cost effective. These are even more reasons why I think this technology will grow tremendously in the coming years as expensive IT technicians won’t be required to install this technology at the business/store location.

    I think businesses that utilize Application Defined Networks (ADNs) will be the leaders and set the example in security in the coming years.

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