Logic Takes No. 2 Spot

Logic released a report that shows it holds the No. 2 rank in the convenience store channel among e-cigarette brands.

Logic’s unit share for total U.S. convenience stores is second to Lorillard blu, and followed by NJOY Inc., according to Nielsen data ended Feb. 15, 2014.  

Logic also holds the No. 2 dollar share (20.2) nationally in U.S. convenience stores. Lorillard blu took the top dollar share (43.9). NJOY came in No. 3 (19.0), followed by CB Distributors Inc. (21st Century) (3.5), NICOTEK LLC (1.8), and Ballantyne Brands LLC (Mistic) (0.4).

Logic noted that even chains with established brands can achieve an average of 100+ in units, $1,400+ in sales and $575+ in profit with LOGIC. LOGIC product design is composed of a two-piece electronic cigarette, in which the cartridge and the battery are separated. The battery is also an individual piece, which allows LOGIC to use a more powerful battery. The powerful battery is crucial in allowing for the thick vapor that smokers require. LOGIC utilizes 300 mAH, grade A, lithium ion batteries. Most competing products use low grade 200-240 mAHbatteries, and most king size products use low grade 90-110 mAHbatteries, the company noted.

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