JEI Inc. And CITGO Recognize Local Charity

citgonew1Colors for a Cause-Louisiana receives CITGO gift cards for Fueling Good in the Community.

CITGO Petroleum Corp. has named Colors for a Cause-Louisiana as a winner of this year’s Fueling Good Project.

On Feb. 13, representatives from the CITGO Lake Charles Refinery and local CITGO Marketer, JEI Inc., awarded $5,000 in CITGO Gift Cards to Colors for a Cause-Louisiana for its efforts to provide financial assistance to cancer patients and their families in Louisiana.

“We are enormously grateful to have been chosen as a Fueling Good winner and we cannot thank CITGO enough for their generous support,” said Todd Parker, president of Colors for a Cause-Louisiana. “We make every effort to help patients and families in our community with their finances as they struggle with cancer and through the generosity of CITGO, we will serve even more families this year.”

The CITGO Gift Cards will alleviate fuel expenses for members of the organization traveling to assist families and will benefit patients and their families as they travel for medical treatment.

Colors for a Cause-Louisiana was founded in 2011 to honor 10-year old Brennan Daigle from Westlake, La., whose battle with cancer sparked worldwide support.

Today, the organization helps families in the community by providing financial assistance for mortgage and rent, utilities and travel expenses. The non-profit has since made it a tradition to take fire trucks from local fire stations and transform them into large, mobile reminders of the people who struggle with cancer each day.

The project vehicles are dedicated to cancer victims and are used to support fundraisers for cancer research. Colors for a Cause-Louisiana continues to support its mission to spread awareness about all forms of cancer and the need for more research and funding.

Since 2009, the CITGO Fueling Good programs have rewarded more than 220 charities, further helping them to do good in their own communities.


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