PPA Unveils 2014 Training Schedule

PPANew this year is North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Certification.

The Pennsylvania Petroleum Association (PPA) Technical Training Center has introduced its 2014 Training Schedule.  

The PPA holds classes from mid-March to mid-October across Pennsylvania, drawing from the Pennsylvania/Ohio/Maryland/Delaware/Virginia/New York and New Jersey areas.  The topics include a wide range of subjects from Basic Electric, CETP, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps, NORA Bronze and Gold Certification, and many more.  All types of fuels from Oil, Propane, Natural Gas and Electric are discussed.

Top industry trainers from across the country and the PPA in-house trainer will discuss subjects that will help your service department keep up with an ever-changing HVAC industry.  High efficiency equipment is the future, do not miss the boat.

Training topics have been grouped into specific weeks to allow a technician to make the most of his training time.  Special weekly rates will help a tech get the most for his training dollars.

New this year is NATE certification, many of the classes qualify for both NATE and NORA CEU’s.

View the training schedule at:   http://www.ppmcsa.org/upload//2014_Education_Binder_1-28-14.pdf.  The PPA training center is located within minutes of the Harrisburg International Airport and PPA has arranged a reasonable rate with a local Holiday Inn.





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